And release of Scales version 2.0.0

By mic on 3/31/2010

It has only been a week since version 1.0.0 of Scales, but extensions to this application were simple and very useful. Thus, version 2.0.0 is out. You can find version 2.0.0 of this free music scale application for mobile phones here.

The main and most important change from version 1.0.0 is as follows.

  • You can now choose to view chords in addition to scales. If you want to see a chord, Scales will display it on the selected instrument. It will also list the scales that contain this chord.

Other changes that improve the usability of Scales include the following.

  • Horizontal scrolling for better display of larger names of scale modes in scale painting.
  • More descriptive and consistently ordered menu commands.
  • Full name of sharps and flats where space allows (i.e., “A#/Bb” instead of “A#”).
  • Better memory management since this application is now larger.

We have also corrected errors on the painting of the first guitar fret.

As before, use our Scales specific forum to let us know how Scales is working out.

This is obviously not the end in the development of this software. The next big improvement should be the ability to find chords. If you know how to play a chord but do not know its name you will be able to use Scales in the future to mark the frets / strings / keys you are playing and to get the proper name of the relevant chord. Minor improvements, as before, will include more scales, more chords, more instruments, tonics and dominants, and better help files.

authors: mic


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