The 5 best mobile apps for musicians

By mic on 10/12/2013

Guest post by Mark Enright on behalf of Intxt, a mobile marketing specialist.

1. Tuner gStrings

As a musician, it is important to ensure your instrument is properly in tune. When the moment comes for you to tune your guitar, your auto tuner will always be in your pocket with this handy app.

The clean and simple interface makes the tuning process easy and it is definitely a lot cheaper than buying an electronic tuner.

2. Garageband

An old Apple Mac staple, Garageband allows you to turn your phone into a miniature recording studio. This app allows you to record up to 8 tracks on a single song. It’s great when you want to put a quick demo together.

3. Shazam

For those moments you hear a song playing and can’t remember or don’t know what it is called. This app only needs to hear a few seconds of the song and it will search for it in the database and provide you with the track name and information about the artist.

Perfect for when you hear a song you want to cover!

4. PianoPhone 7

This app is a simple one. Open it and it will turn your phone into a miniature piano. Great for those boring journeys or when inspiration strikes when you are far away from your instrument.

This comes with multi touch technology, so playing chords is easy.

5. Songwriter’s Pad

A notepad with a difference! With an inbuilt thesaurus, you can quickly find synonyms and search for new ideas about the things you are trying to convey in your songs. A rhyming dictionary also makes writing lyrics easy. This app will expand on your ideas when you write them down.

As you can see, there are loads of apps out these just for musicians, so composing amazing songs has never been so easy!


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