Digital Signal Processing for Audio Applications. Second Edition

By mic on 11/24/2014

Digital Signal Processing for Audio Application. Second Edition was published on November 18, 2014. What's new in the second edition? A few things.

  • We added a new chapter on data compression. This is a topic that the first edition did not address. The first edition focused mostly on the frequency content of signals – detecting it and changing it. Data compression is somewhat related, but deserves a topic on its own.
  • We expanded on reverberation. We devised a description of an impulse based reverb – one in which the reverberation of an impulse is recorded, reverse engineered, and applied to other signals.
  • We expanded on compression (of dynamics), describing the compression of an actual drum hit.
  • We prepared a chapter on window measures – consistent quantifiable descriptions of the many windows that can be applied during filtering or during spectral analysis.
  • We made revisions to the Dolph-Chebychev window, added new windows, and defined the elliptic filter.

There is more we can do. We know that many are looking for the source code that implements the equations of the book. For now, we hope you enjoy this book. And we can always feedback.

authors: mic


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