Orinj version 2.5.0 and more

By mic on 3/18/2016

We began uploading a series of updates to Orinj, starting with version 2.5.0 of March 11, 2016. As we are working to develop Orinj version 3, we are fixing bugs and applying cosmetic changes that can also be useful in version 2. There is no sense in waiting for version 3 to be ready. This can take some time. In the meantime, version 2 will be updated as often as needed.

Here are the largest changes so far:

  • Significant updates to all compressors and reverbs.
  • A good amount of work to improve checking for user errors.
  • A complete overhaul of the help.
  • A number of changes to speed up effects.
  • Fixes to the drawing of waves, frequency content computations, right and left channel computations in effects, other.

This is the forum post that describes the changes with Orinj version 2.5.0. This is the forum post that describes the changes with version 2.5.1. Other updates will be uploaded often – no sense in dillydallying.

This does not mean that version 2 will be anywhere close to what is planned for version 3. As a reminder, Orinj version 3 contains a number of additional wholesale changes. The largest are:

  • Revised the way Orinj uses digital signal processing effects to allow others to develop and use their own effects.
  • Synchronized MIDI and wave playback to allow the use of MIDI files in the multitrack session.
  • Added effects: a multitap delay and distortion.
  • Added multiple languages, new skins.

Stay tuned.

authors: mic


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