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Software, registration, and information on are free and donations are voluntary. Donate if you find these useful. We can use money to to expand the content of and the functionality of our software. campaign

What are we already doing?

Here are some of the improvements that we are already working on.

  • We are stripping Orinj version 2 of its license requirements so that we can provide it for free.
  • We are augmenting our finite impulse response filter applet to allow users to compare filters.
  • We are reviewing music theory topics on our wiki to add information on scale modes and chords.
  • We are implementing a plug-in framework for Orinj version 3 to allow other developers to run their own DSP effects through Orinj.

What are our future plans?

Here are some of our plans for future improvements.

  • We are discussing how to open the source code of Orinj, Scales, and our FIR applet to the public.
  • We are exploring options for a new wiki that allows easier collaboration between users with better topic administration, tagging, and proper wiki markup.
  • We are planning on a series of articles to explain the intricacies of designing digital compressors, reverbs, delays, choruses, and equalizers.
  • We would like to develop versions of Orinj and Scales for the iPhone and iPad.
  • We want to explore the design of infinite impulse response (IIR) filters.

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