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Digital Signal Processing for Audio Applications

"Digital Signal Processing for Audio Applications" by is a simple and structured approach to understanding how digitally recorded sound can be manipulated. It presents and explains, and sometimes derives, the mathematical theory that the DSP user can employ in designing sound manipulating applications.

Although this book contains some mathematics, it is not for mathematicians, but for the engineers and hobbyists. If properly explained, much of the practical DSP applications reduce to simple algebra. This said, the book contains a sufficient amount of theory to provide an explanation of why DSP works the way it does. It is important for practitioners to have a good understanding of how DSP concepts come about. Much of the available DSP information has too much theory and not enough examples. Much of it has too many practical examples and not enough theoretical backing. We hope to have found the proper balance.

Second edition

The additions to the book that come with this edition are significant: examples of dynamics compression, wavelet transforms and data compression, more windows, elliptic filters, and impulse reverbs through de-convolution. DSP continues to grow. This second edition is quite robust. We hope you enjoy it.

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TOC, IndexNovember 18, 2014Table of contents and index for the book (690 KB).
Chapter 6November 18, 2014Chapter 6. Distortion (935 KB).
Chapter 12November 18, 2014Chapter 12. The continuous and discrete Fourier transforms (845 KB).
Chapter 18November 18, 2014Chapter 18. The bilinear transformation and IIR filter transformations (731 KB).



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