Dictionary of music terms


As we explore the world of music we run into words and phrases that need explanation. The purpose of this Wiki is to provide such explanations. Examples include:

  • some not so well known musical instruments;
  • esoteric phrases used in music engineering;
  • definitions of digital music formats.

There is no need to define everything, but we hope that this Wiki will grow to include many relevant topics. You can contribute to the Wiki by rating pages and/or providing comments.

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Use the following index pages to see links to our content pages.

Acoustic theory
Digital music
Equpment for music
Music production
Music theory
Software for music
Standards in music

Alternatively, use the Search link in the top left of this page to search for a specific keyword or phrase.


We also use this dictionary to compile a number of help topics for Orinj – our multritrack music recording and mixing software – to take advantage of comments, ratings, the tracking of topic history, and links to other music related topics in this dictionary. The following is the main page for the Orinj help topics.

Orinj Introduction
Orinj (index)

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