Open D tuning for guitar

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The open D tuning for guitar is an alternative tuning for guitar where the six open strings of the guitar (lowest to highest) are tuned to the following notes: D, A, D, F#, A, D.

Open D tuning is called so as the notes D, F#, A are the notes of the D major chord and thus the D major chord can be played using open strings only.

The most common guitar tuning is EADGBE (lowest to highest). One can obtain the open D tuning from the standard tuning by: 1) dropping in the lowest guitar string two semitones from E to D; 2) dropping the third string (highest to lowest) one semitone from G to F#; 3) dropping the second guitar string two semitones from B to A; and 4) dropping the first guitar string two semitones from E to D.

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