Orinj CPU usage status bar

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Orinj version 3.0.0

CPU usage status bar

The CPU usage status bar is at the very bottom of Orinj. It shows the ratio of the time it takes the computer to get sound data and process it to the time length of this sound data itself. In other words, this number is the strain that has been put on your computer when processing sound data.

The longer it takes the computer to process the same amount of data, the larger this number will be. If the number is over a 100%, then it takes longer to process the sound data than to play it. This means that playback will skip, because the computer cannot handle so much processing. As you add waves, MIDI files, and effects to your session, this number will go up. If, on the other hand, you process some of the effects, this number will go down.

This status bar is in all Orinj views. It is not, however, used in the MIDI roll view in this version of Orinj.

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