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Orinj version 3.0.0

Starting in version 3.0.0, Orinj supports multiple languages.

Language XML files

The folder "orange/languages" of the Orinj installation contains the XML files for the different languages supported by Orinj. During startup, Orinj examines this folder to determine what languages are available. One can add languages to Orinj by creating additional XML files and placing them in this folder (see below).


The following is the XML file for English. This is an example that you can modify for another language, as described below.

eng.xmlApril 28, 2016The XML file for English (102 KB).


Creating an additional language

To create a language:

  • Create a copy of one of the existing XML files (e.g., the example above).
  • Rename the file with the appropriate three-letter language code. Use the ISO 639-2 three letter codes. (Technically, you can use any name you want, but staying with the ISO convention ensures that languages will not be duplicated).
  • Edit the new XML file.
    • Note that the structure of this XML file is defined by the Orinj language schema orinjlang.xsd.
    • Change the name of the language under the <language> tag. Use any name you want.
    • Change the language code under <code> tag. Use the ISO 639-2 three-letter codes.
    • Translate each string under the tags. Leave the strings under <itemtag> unchanged, but translate the strings under <itemvalue>. Orinj will look for the <itemtag> tags in English and will display the values under <itemvalue>. Translating these strings will change all strings in Orinj – tooltips, error messages, labels for controls – except for menus. Menus are described below.
    • Similarly, for menus, translate each string under the <menu> tags. Leave the strings under <menutag> unchanged, but translate the strings under <menuvalue> and choose mnemonics for the translated string under <menumnemonic>. To leave a menu without a mnemonic, leave a blank space under <menumnemonic>.

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