Orinj Licensing

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Orinj version 3.0.1

The following is a listing of the portions of Orinj that require a license.

Orinj version 2

Version 2 of Orinj is free and without limitations. No portions of this version require a license.

The latest version is 2.6.4. Support for version 2 of Orinj was discontinued with the release of version 3.

Orinj version 3

Most of Orinj version 3 is free and without limitations. You can record and mix a complete song without a license. The free portion of version 3 contains all functionality that was available in version 2 and certain new functionality, such as languages, skins, and a recording delay.

A version 3 license will enable the following.

Deploying a license

Follow these steps to include the license in your Orinj installation.

  • A "license.lic" file will be sent to you via e-mail.
  • Place that file in your Orinj installation, in the same folder where "orange.jar" resides.
  • If Orinj is already started, restart it.

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