Orinj Marker line

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Orinj version 3.0.0

Marker line

The marker line is a thin panel at the top of Orinj. You can use it to add markers with comments to your session, loop, wave file, or MIDI file. If, for example, you know that there is a vocal track that needs to be overdubbed and that portion starts at the 30th second of the session, you can click on the marker line to add a marker at time 00:30:000 with the comment "Overdub vocals".

The marker line is common to all Orinj views. Markers are useful for loops, single waves, MIDI files, and sessions.

You can click on the marker line to add markers. If you do so, a marker will be added at the place where you clicked and you will be prompted to write a comment for that marker. If you click on a marker, you can drag it left or right. If you double-click on the marker, you can edit its comment. In all Orinj views, you can also use the commands of the menus to add and remove markers and to modify the properties of existing markers (see Multitrack session menu, Single wave menu, Loop building menu, and MIDI roll menu).

If you add markers to the wave files in the Orinj single wave view or to the MIDI files in the Orinj MIDI roll view, these markers do not change the actual wave or MIDI file. The information contained in the marker (the marker time and comment) is kept separately.

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