Playlist chunk (of a Wave file)


A playlist chunk in the Wave file format contains the following information.

Byte sequence descriptionLength in bytesStarts at byte in the chunkValue
chunk ID40x00The ASCII character string "plst"
size40x04The size of the playlist chunk (number of bytes) less 8 (less the "chunk ID" and the "size"). Since each segment has 12 bytes, this is also equal to the number of segments multiplied by 12
number of segments40x08The number of segments that follow
datavarious0x0CA list of segments

The playlist defines a series of cue points (see Cue chunk (of a Wave file)), which refer to some segments of the file, defines in what order the segments should be played, how long each segment is and how many times it should be repeated during playback.

Each segment in the playlist has the following structure.

Byte sequence descriptionLength in bytesStarts at byte in the segmentValue
cue point ID40x00The ID of the cue point in the cue chunk
segment length40x04The length of the segment in number of samples to play from the sample defined by the cue point
repeats40x08The number of times the segment should be repeated

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