Release of Orinj version 2.5.5

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admin: First posted on 2016 04 24

mic, 2016 04 24: Orinj version 2.5.5 was released on April 24, 2016. These are the changes:

  • Fixed an occasional error when inserting a wave file in a session with sampling rate or bit resolution that are different from those of the wave. With this error, Orinj may not recognize the total length of the file and may import it as a file with length zero (i.e., without sound data). Rather than showing the wave block in the track, Orinj will show nothing.
  • Fixed an error, because of which 24-bit PCM waves converted to 16-bit PCM waves when importing them into a 16-bit session had very low signal and mostly noise.
  • Added the ability to convert waves imported in the loop building view, as all waves in that view must have the sampling rate 44100 Hz and bit resolution 16. Before, all waves were treated as if they did, even if they did not.
  • Improved the conversion of loops to wave files with sampling rates and bit resolutions other than 44100 Hz and 16.
  • Fixed the playback of 24-bit waves in the MIDI roll view. There were pauses (periods of silence) in the wave playback (the MIDI playback was OK).
  • Fixed an error that only shows up on Linux, but not Windows, when the user records a track in a 24-bit session and 24-bit input is not supported by the available audio devices. Orinj does not show an error, but does not recognize that 24-bit recording is not available and does not stop the recording and playback.
  • Fixed the VU meter for recording 24-bit waves. They were too large, causing the VU meter to clip incorrectly.
  • Changed the message that pops up when a wave is to be converted. The message – This file will be converted to a PCM wave – is technically not correct, since even some PCM waves have to be converted.
  • Fixed the simple reverb as it was missing left and right channel data.
  • Fixed the bouncing echo for 32-it playback, as it was producing no sound.
  • Made sure that waves inserted in the multitrack session view and then shown in the single wave view show up with the right height.
  • Fixed a minor error in the help index that may cause the help to not recognize phrases related to adding MIDI tracks or clearing loop tracks.
  • Fixed the help Effects topic. It was missing the pictures for the dry and wet mix envelope buttons and was showing broken links.

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