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Zipped Orinj version 7.0.3 (9 MB). Java versions 8 through 17 on Windows, Mac, Linux are supported. Use without a license with limitations or buy a license below.

Record, mix, master

Orinj multitrack session view

Record, mix, master your songs. With Orinj, you have full control over the production process with an easy mixing console, quick access to runtime built-in and plug-in effects, as many buses as you need, and precise wave editing tools.



Orinj MIDI and loop editing views

Compose using MIDI instruments and sound fonts with simple drag-and-drop operations and precise snap positioning. Enhance your session with 1000s of possible instruments.



A license will be sent via e-mail within 24 hours. See Orinj Licensing for how to use a license and what it provides. Be sure to read this license agreement first.

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