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Zipped Orinj version 8.0.1 (9 MB, June 23, 2024). Java versions 10 through 19 on Windows, Mac, Linux are supported. Use without a license with limitations or buy a license.

Record, mix, master

Orinj multitrack session view

Record, mix, master your songs. With Orinj, you have full control over the production process with an easy mixing console, quick access to runtime built-in and plug-in effects, as many buses as you need, and precise wave editing tools.



Orinj MIDI and loop editing views

Compose using MIDI instruments and sound fonts with simple drag-and-drop operations and precise snap positioning. Enhance your session with 1000s of possible instruments.



A license is only $8.99. It will be sent via e-mail within 24 hours. Learn how to use licenses and what they provide. Be sure to read this license agreement first.

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