Bugs fixed with Orinj version 2.0.1

Submitted by admin on Sat, 03/31/2018 - 08:50


admin: First posted on 2011 04 06

mic, 2011 04 06: We lost the earlier version of the forum with upgrades to the site. This means that the history of Orinj versions and bugs was also lost. I will post a few entries in this forum to list the bugs that existed in previous versions of the software, after which we can continue tracking bugs and questions as normal.

The following were bugs in Orinj version 2.0.0, which were corrected with Orinj version 2.0.1. Orinj version 2.0.1 was posted on 2009 03 01.

  • The multitrack recording and playing used only the VU meter of the first track for signal coming from all tracks. Each track should have used its own VU meter.
  • The loop building and MIDI views did not properly set the application titles. A proper title used to be "Orinj – some file (demo license)".
  • If more than two effects were added to the single wave view, dry and wet mix envelopes were shown, and the user switched between the effects, the envelopes always stayed shown. Envelopes should only be shown for effects that have dry and wet mix (such as the Orinj delay) and not for effects that do not have dry and wet mix (such as the Orinj compressor).
  • The volume controls in the main Orinj views were too small and hence sometimes "Vol 10.0 dB" would show up as "Vol 0.0 dB".
  • Zooming into a selected portion of a wave or to the left or right ends of that selection in the multitrack view crashed the application.
  • Destroying a wave in the multitrack session crashed the application and removed other waves, ones that should not have been removed. To destroy a wave means to permanently remove it from the multitrack session and from the hard disk.
  • Making a unique wave in the multitrack session did not properly store the information that was needed to undo this change and moved the wave to the beginning of a track.
  • The undo menus remained disabled. These menus should have become enabled whenever there is something to undo.

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