Bugs fixed with Orinj version 2.0.2

Submitted by admin on Sat, 03/31/2018 - 09:42


admin: First posted on 2011 04 06

mic, 2011 04 06: The following were bugs in Orinj version 2.0.1, which were corrected with Orinj version 2.0.2. Orinj version 2.0.2 was posted on 2009 03 30.

  • There was a problem using temporary directories in Orinj, because the default temporary directories were set to the Orinj installation directories, which may be protected (as in Windows Vista, where the Program Files directory is protected). Thus, Orinj would show an error on startup and may show errors on exit. The application did not actually crash, but only showed errors. Orinj was changed to use the user's home directory, rather than the installation directory (and in any case, when running Orinj for the first time the user can to change the Orinj temporary directory to something else).
  • The multitrack and single wave views allowed rewinding into "negative" time. Everything else worked as intended, except that the cursor would go to negative time and start moving forward without any music playing. If the user then stopped rewinding the user would have to wait for the cursor to slowly make its way back to zero and up.
  • If you clicked on the record button at the bottom of the multitrack view, but you did not select a track for recording, Orinj would crash.
  • Choosing to show volume, pan, dry mix, or wet mix envelopes through the menus of the single wave view did not change the corresponding envelope buttons. The button for the corresponding envelope should have become highlighted, when the envelope was visible, and not highlighted, when the envelope was hidden.
  • Temporary files that contained undo information for Orinj should have been deleted on exit, but they remained (those files are placed in the temporary directory that the user chooses through the Orinj preferences).
  • The user could rename the wave file used by the Orinj multitrack session (the actual sound file on the disk and not the name of the wave block in the session) by clicking on Wave and then on Wave File in the file menu. The problem was that when the file was renamed the wave block was not appropriately placed in the session and could not be played.
  • There were several menus in the Orinj multitrack and loop building views that should have been affected when a track was selected. For example, if a track was muted, the Mute check box submenu under the Track menu should have become checked. If the track was unmuted, the same submenu should have become unckecked. Similarly, if, for example, the dry mix envelopes of a track are shown, the Show Dry Mix Envelopes submenu under the Effect menu should have become checked. If the envelopes were not shown the menu should have become unchecked.
  • There are standard data pieces in wave files that do not contain sampled sound, but contain meta info such as the artist name, copyright info, and other (not all wave files have those, but if added, those are added in a standard way). In Orinj, this information can be added to a wave with the Properties submenu under the Wave menu. That particular functionality in Orinj did not work well, as it was misinterpreting the sizes of these standard data pieces.

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