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Welcome to RECORDINGBLOGS.COM! This site is dedicated to the learning about recording in the comfort of your own home with maximum results and minimal frustration. Recording at home became possible only recently. The staff writing on this site have some experience with the home recording process and we will use this site to share our experience with others.

Home recording is not always easy. The problems could be many and varied. One of my biggest frustrations has been the lack of available information on what works, how it works, and why it works. Searching through web browsers will provide thousands of links, many to blind sites, commercial sites, or to other not very useful locations. This site is an attempt to provide honest practical recording tips and techniques for you to use.

Your participation will help us. We do not know everything about home recording, and I am sure that many of you have tricks of your own. We want your help in making this a site full of useful information. If you have tips, tricks, or techniques that you find useful post them to our forums. If you possess more specialized or technical skills and would like to contribute to our site with a written blog do so.

We - the staff that put up this site - have written, recorded, engineered, and produced our own album, have sold downloads, and have managed through the myriads of contract nuances, copyrights, and royalty agreements. We did this because we love music and the process of musical creation. We are hobbyists, who are attempting to bring our hobby to a professional level (perhaps not terribly successful at this stage), and want to share our experiences with you. We all have real jobs, but we would like to develop this site for the benefit of others. Read the posts and articles, contribute what you can, and most of all get out there are create your own music. It is one of the most satisfying experiences we have had and it is well within your reach.

author: isosceles

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