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Arobas Music just released Guitar Pro for mobile phones and tables. This is good. I have always thought that this is great software for guitar players and I have used to learn various pieces and to create pics for music scales and licks for this site.

Not all phones are made equal of course – there is no app for the Blackberry, only for the Blackberry tablet – but so far so good. On all three – Android, Blackberry, iPhone – the software contains a large amount of functionality.

  • Current and older Guitar Pro formats are supported and you can simply download them from the net and put them into your integrated library for immediate access into the application. On the Android and iPhone you can even keep your library in the cloud.
  • You can obviously play and write musical scores, change instruments, write ideas – all of the most important features of the desktop version of the software.
  • You can solo, mute, transpose, change tempo, play loops, zoom in and out and generally navigate across the score.
  • You can export and share files.
  • It has tab notation, traditional notation, slash notation.

So, everything to be expected. At this point I can't even figure out what the difference between this version of Guitar Pro and the desktop version is. The menus are obviously different and the navigation on the phone is slightly different than that of the tablet (there is no space for the guitar neck fingering window), but all functionality that I have ever used seems to be there. Some of the differences I have discovered so far are (unless, of course, I cannot find things):

  • The typical bar window at the bottom of the desktop version is not in the mobile version;
  • I am not sure yet about multiple panels for the score (the editing, mastering, chords, etc.). Although the mobile version does have a simple mixing console (i.e., volume, solo, mute controls). Specifically, all the amplifier models are not there, as well as, I think, the effects.
  • There are only 19 musical instruments and 33 tuning modes, and so the number of sounds is limited in comparison to the ones in the desktop version.
  • The fingering diagram generator (with all the possible options). The virtual fret board is not on the phone.
  • The guitar tuner piece is missing that I can see, although there are so many guitar tuner apps out there.
  • I assume there are fewer supported languages in the phone / tablet app (there are 19 right now in the desktop version).

All in all, this is a very impressive piece of software for the musician. And cheap – $5-8. You have to wonder when the phone / tablet will fully replace the laptop / desktop in general use (if it hasn't happened already).

authors: mic


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