Orinj version 2.4.0 uploaded

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admin: First posted on 2012 01 13

mic, 2012 01 13: Version 2.4.0 of Orinj was uploaded on January 13, 2012. This version includes the following important bug fixes and other improvements.

  • We improved the computation of the filters used in a number of Orinj DSP effects. We changed all effects that have some sort of equalization or a low / high pass filter – the bass chorus, the compressor, the graphic equalizer, the notch filter, the parametric equalizer, the reverb, and the simple reverb. This means that the sound processed through these effects will now undergo a lot less of the typical "mangling" that occurs with a lot of DSP effects. Effects are now a lot smoother.
  • We improved the memory management of effects, which means that they will now require a lot less from the computer to process audio data.
  • The Orinj reverb had a mistake in processing mid- range frequencies to the effect that it would artificially produce mid-range sound. This is now fixed.
  • Two of the notch filter presets had the wrong transition. This is now fixed.
  • There was a minor error when adding MIDI notes, where the user would see the notes "B#/Ab" and "A#/Gb". This is now fixed and the notes would show correctly as "Bb/A#" and "Ab/G#".
  • The dialog that allows users to switch between several waves in the single wave view of Orinj did not allow users to scroll down when there were many waves. This is now fixed.
  • There were errors when adding points to the Orinj bouncing echo. These are now fixed.
  • The precision of the graphic and parametric equalizer was inverted (i.e., larger precision would create less precise equalizers). This is now fixed.
  • The compressor, simple compressor, and limiter attacks and releases had inappropriate bounds. We have now set the upper limits of the attack and release controls of these three effects appropriately and have adjusted some of these effect presets accordingly.
  • We have also made small changes to some of the presets of the graphic and parametric equalizers.
  • We have changed the compressor graph so that it is now a typical compressor graph of output vs. input values (see these typical compressor graphs).
  • There were errors when adding points to the compressor. These are now fixed.
  • There were problems when zooming into waves as the application would occasionally run out of memory and crash. This is now fixed.
  • We added checks to the volume, pan, dry mix, and wet mix controls in the track control panels of all views of Orinj to ensure that the user does not enter erroneous data.
  • There was a mismatch between the MIDI pitch bend controls and the label showing the approximate pitch shift steps. This is now fixed.

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