Release of Orinj version 2.5.2

Submitted by admin on Tue, 04/03/2018 - 21:37


admin: First posted on 2016 03 24

mic, 2016 03 24: The following are the changes with version 2.5.2:

  • Fixed the computation of the delays for the chorus voices in the bass chorus, so that they do not change with changes in the number of voices and other parameters and do not make the bass chorus sound like a delay.
  • Fixed the length of frequency filters in the graphic equalizer and parametric equalizer. There are no visible changes for the user.
  • Changed the way the bass chorus and chorus store and release temporary sound data to prevent an error that would have caused the effects to crash if the left channel delays were much larger than the right channel delays.
  • Made minor changes in the compressor to initialize selected temporary parameters. This change does not result in anything visible to the user.
  • Made sure that the "all bands" parameter of the compressor is saved – in sessions and in presets.
  • Fixed the slider for the compression ratio in the compressor, as it was inverted in previous versions.
  • Corrected the display of the text for the compression thresholds and ratios in the compressor dialog, as it was leaving a large empty space when there were more than five thresholds and ratios.
  • Corrected the way the controls of the compressor dialog are updated with data so that each band is updated correctly. There was an error in previous versions that would set up the controls for one frequency band to the values for another frequency band.
  • Made minor changes to the reverb dialog to allow the user to switch between tabs without the mouse.
  • Changed the computations of the early reflections in the reverb (they were not long enough in larger rooms) and made sure that the graph and playback respond to the movement of the sliders for the reverb controls.
  • Enforced the minimum of the frequency bands in the parametric equalizer and the equalizer in the reverb (20 Hz).
  • Changed the graphic equalizer so that its frequency bands split the frequency spectrum evenly (exponentially).
  • Removed some residual sound data in the simple reverb left over from previous playback and showing up in the current playback.
  • Fixed the presets for a number of effects: 1) delay – made effects labeled as "bounce" to actually bounce between the left and right channels and fixed some typos; 2) echo – fixed a couple of presets that should have had the same parameters in both channels to actually have the same parameters and switched the spatial echo and spatial reverb presets; 3) chorus – revised one preset as two were exactly the same; 4) bass chorus – fixed some typos; 5) bouncing echo – made minor adjustments to decays; 6) simple reverb – made minor adjustments, mostly to brightness; 7) reverb – made minor adjustments to room size; 8) graphic equalizer – changed all presets, as revised the frequency bands to actually split evenly (exponentially) the frequency spectrum, introducing one extra low frequency band and removing one high frequency band and therefore shifting all presets by one frequency band; 9) parametric equalizer – changed all presets to match the graphic equalizer ones, as the two effects should technically accomplish the same equalization goals; 10) notch filter – made only a minor change; 11) side chained compressor – revised to match the simple compressor; 12) compressor – revised all presets because of changes in the compressor dialog, increased release and attack for drum compression presets, introduced a de-esser. 13) noise gate – lowered thresholds so that the effect makes sense. There were no changes to other effects (simple compressor, limiter).
  • Revised the way the software checks for user errors (i.e., entering non numbers or wrong numbers where numbers are expected). The purpose for this was to ensure that floating point numbers can be used where integers are needed (e.g., "10.0" instead of "10") and no errors are shown.
  • Changed the errors shown on wrong user input in the track control panel to the left of the tracks in the multitrack session view – moved the errors so that they show above the controls to which they apply.
  • Corrected an error when clicking on File and then on Save As in the single wave view without an opened wave. The error may cause the software to freeze.
  • Changed all save dialogs (i.e., on the saving of sessions, loops, wave files, MIDI files) to select the correct file type by default, rather than "all files".
  • Made minor revisions to the help (i.e., centered pictures).

With this version – mostly because of changes in the presets – it is best to first uninstall older versions before installing this one.

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