Release of Orinj version 2.5.4

Submitted by admin on Tue, 04/03/2018 - 21:53


admin: First posted on 2018 04 18

mic, 2016 04 18: Version 2.5.4 of Orinj was released on April 15, 2016. The changes from the previous version are as follows.

  • Made corrections to how Orinj processes 8-bit data – during recording, playback, the processing of effects and the work of the VU meters. This will reduce the noise in 8-bit recordings and playback.
  • Corrected the VU meters for 8-bit and 32-bit playback. The values of the signal sent to the VU meters were rounded and the VU meters did not display the correct signal levels.
  • Made changes so that only 24-bit and 32-bit data is sent for playback as 16-bit data. Using 16-bit playback was necessary, as, in Windows, Java Sound does not recognize that input and output devices can use 24-bit and 32-bit data. The fixes themselves were needed as Orinj was also attempting to convert 8-bit data to 16-bit data (for playback during recording), which was unnecessary.
  • Changed the computation of decibels so that they always use the amplitude computation (20 log(value, 10)) and not the power computation (10 log(value, 10)). In previous version, Orinj mixes both. Increased the amounts for allowed volume changes from +-20 dB to +-40 dB.
  • Made sure that 32-bit data is always stored in Microsoft IEEE float wave files. Orinj always interprets 32-bit data as floating point data, but errors in previous version would have caused wave files with the Microsft IEEE float compression code to not be properly recognized.
  • Made a correction to the length of sound data written in wave files during conversion of wave files from one compression code to another. In previous version, the length written was slightly larger than the actual length, which could have caused occasional errors.
  • Made sure that Orinj displays the correct file name when wave files with formats that Orinj does not use are opened in the single wave view and converted to new wave files with formats that Orinj can use.
  • Changed the Orinj help to: (1) better describe the conversion of 24-bit and 32-bit data to 16-bit data during playback; (2) better describe the compression codes used in wave files (i.e., Microsoft PCM uncompressed for 8, 16 and 24-bit waves and Microsoft IEEE float for 32-bit waves; (3) add detail on the adding tracks and showing track properties in MIDI; and (4) note the fact that 24 and 32-bit playback and recording should be available on Linux and Mac.
  • Made a small correction to the message displayed when processing effects.
  • Made sure that playback and recording stops if there are errors. In previous versions, the errors will be shown but the user would have to actually stop playback.

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