Release of Orinj version 2.5.7

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admin: First posted on 2016 06 13

mic, 2016 06 13: Orinj version 2.5.7 was released on June 13, 2016. The following are the changes:

  • Optimized the effects that use frequency filters – graphic equalizer, notch filter, parametric equalizer, reverb, simple reverb. Similar changes were implemented in the bass chorus in version 2.5.6. These effects will now be quicker and will introduce a smaller phase delay in the signal.
  • Ensured that the play cursor (the vertical yellow line) remains in front of waves on: inserting waves, undoing the cutting of waves, stopping playback.
  • Fixed new sessions so that they property initialize: whether volume, pan, dry mix, and wet mix envelopes are shown, the clip buttons of the VU meters, input devices, and output devices.
  • Improved the VU meters, so they show the amplitude of the signal in a track that has waves and is selected for recording, but when Orinj is not recording and is only playing the session. In previous versions, the VU meters in tracks selected for recording was empty during playback.
  • Fixed the VU meters on rewinding to the start during playback. In previous versions, they would freeze shortly.
  • Changed the opening of sessions in which waves are missing, so that the sessions still open (without the waves), if the user chooses to not look for the missing waves.
  • Fixed the height of waves on vertical zoom in the session and when switching from the multitrack session to the single wave view.
  • Made minor changes to optimize the drawing of MIDI files in the MIDI roll view.
  • Fixed an error whereby adding of controls to the MIDI file (e.g., volume controls) would cause Orinj to crash.
  • In several places in Orinj (e.g., on new session and on opening a session), changed when Orinj closes opened dialogs, so that all of these operations are consistent.
  • Simplified the definitions of the four views in Orinj. This will not impact anything the user sees, but will avoid future confusion for our developers.
  • Made minor changes to reduce the code used by the help.
  • Ensured Java 8 compliance of the code.

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