Release of Orinj version 2.6.1

Submitted by admin on Tue, 04/03/2018 - 22:32


admin: First posted on 2016 09 21

mic, 2016 09 21: Orinj version 2.6.1 was released on September 21, 2016. The following are the changes:

  • Changed the way undo is handled so that it is specific per view. This allows the user to undo the cutting of a whole wave. In previous versions, undo worked correctly, except when users cut out whole waves. The waves were removed from both the multitrack session and single wave view and all related undo information was also removed, disallowing an undo.
  • Fixed the drawing of waves when zooming in and out along the time line (horizontally). In previous versions, very quick successive zooming could result in incorrectly drawn waves, with peaks that do not show at the right times. If users were to look at the peaks to cut the waves, they could cut them at the wrong place.
  • Also fixed the drawing precision, so that the waves are properly drawn when zooming too far out.
  • Fixed recording with very large buffers (i.e., larger than what the recording device allows). Orinj will now limit the buffers to what is allows by the device and will show a warning to the user.
  • Changed the way installation directories are used (loops, samples, effect presets, sample MIDI files) so that they are found independently of the working folder, from which Orinj is started. In previous versions, Ubuntu users had instances where these directories were not found.
  • Made sure all recorded data is written before the recorded wave files are released by Orinj so that there are no occasional errors.
  • Optimized mixing to speed up recording and playback. There are no related changes that are visible to the user.
  • Made a minor change to the full zoom out in the MIDI roll view to make sure that the end of any inserted wave file is properly considered.
  • Corrected the markers in the loop building and MIDI roll views so that they are placed at the proper times and easily dragged.
  • Implemented additional error checking in the way wave files are managed when mixing. There are no changes visible to the user.

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