Orinj Loop building tree

Orinj version 7.0.0

Wave sample and DLS and SF2 instrument tree in the loop building view

The loop building tree resides in the left portion of the loop building view and shows the wave samples, Downloadable Sounds (DLS) instruments, and SountFont (SF2) instruments that you can use to build loops.

All wave files that are shown in the tree reside in the "../samples/" folder of the Orinj installation on your hard drive. The tree mimics the folder structure of "../samples/".

DLS and SF2 files are specified by the user (see the Preferences, Sound Fonts command of the menu and the topic on Preferences). The tree lists the instruments specified by the files under each file.

Testing samples and instruments

You can listen to the wave samples and DLS and SF2 instruments before you drag them to the track.

  1. Click on the sample or instrument in the tree to select it.
  2. For DLS and SF2 instrument, choose the note that you want to hear in the drop-down box under the tree (some instruments cannot play all notes).
  3. Click on the Play button under the tree.

Most wave samples are short. Some DLS and SF2 instruments are designed to play and stop, while others are designed to loop indefinitely. For long wave samples and indefinite DLS and SF2 instruments, you can press on the Stop button to stop playback.

For DLS and SF2 instruments, the drop-down box under the tree will show the note that will be played, as well as the sample in the corresponding DLS or SF2 file that will be used. If the instrument is a standard MIDI percussion one (see MIDI Program Change message), the drop-down box will also show the name of the standard MIDI percussion that should be played by that sample. There is no standard way to identify which DLS or SF2 instruments are percussion ones and the MIDI percussion name may not always be displayed.

Using samples and instruments

To use a sample or an instrument, click on it in the tree and drag it to one of the tracks in the loop building view. If you then add hits to the track and play the loop, you will hear the corresponding drum hit for every beat in the track.

Adding samples

The tree will initially contain the drum hits that come with the Orinj installation. You can include other drum hits (and, in general, other wave files with sounds). To do so, copy these other wave files to the "../samples/" folder of your Orinj installation. You can create any subfolders and organize the samples in any way you want. Once you are done copying, either click on the Reload button beneath the tree or restart Orinj.

To add DLS and SF2 files click on Preferences and then on Sound Fonts in the menu. DLS and SF2 files can reside anywhere on your computer.

Listing of wave samples

See Orinj Installation files for a listing of wave samples included in the installation. No DLS or SF2 files are included in the Orinj installation, but many are available for download, including free ones.

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