Orinj Generators

Orinj version 7.0.0

A generator is a piece of Orinj that allows Orinj to create a wave file with specific properties. The Orinj Square Wave generator, for example, helps Orinj to create a wave file that contains a square wave.

The Orinj generator framework

Starting with version 4.0.0, Orinj generators use a strict programming framework that allows Orinj to operate with or without the generators and allows new generators to be developed and added to Orinj without modifying Orinj itself. This means that external developers can prepare their own Orinj packages with generators in addition to the generators that are included in the Orinj installation. All generators can be installed or updated separately, without modifying Orinj or its installation.

Generators in the Orinj installation

Orinj offers the following generators.

Saw wave
Sine sweep
Sine wave
Square wave
Triangle wave

Creating waves with the Orinj generators

Click on Generate single wave view menu. Whenever you click on a menu command for a generator, you will see a dialog with controls specific to the corresponding generator. The following example is the dialog for the Orinj Square Wave.

Example generator dialog – the Orinj square wave

Once Orinj uses the generator to create the wave, the wave is opened in the Orinj single wave view. The user can then use the wave for any purpose.

Common generator controls

Although each generator has its own specific parameters and corresponding controls, some parameters are the same for all generators.

  • Channels: This is the number of audio channels in the wave to be generated. The wave can have either one channel (mono) or two channels (stereo).
  • Sampling rate: This is the sampling rate of the wave to be generated.
  • Bit resolution: This is the sampling resolution of the wave to be generated. As with all other audio in Orinj, audio data in waves can be 8-bit unsigned integers, 16-bit signed integers, 24-bit signed integers, or 32-bit signed floats between -1 and 1.
  • Length: This is the length of the wave to be generated in seconds. The maximum length of waves is 600 seconds.
  • Volume: This is additional gain to be applied to the audio in the generated wave. The additional gain is in decibels and can be between -40 dB and 40 dB.

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