Orinj version 7

Submitted by mic on Thu, 06/02/2022 - 21:45

Version 7 of Orinj is out. As we do with every major version release, we have put out a beta release. Version 7 will replace version 6 when we are comfortable that it is a stable version.

VST (Steinberg's Virtual Studio Technology)

Orinj now supports VST.

Here, for example, is the Orinj dialog that allows the user to browse through available VST bundles and choose VST effects.

VST Effects dialog

There are limitations.

  • VST in version 7.0.0 is for Windows only. We will release VST support for Linux and Mac OS over the next couple of months.
  • VST support is for VST audio processors only and not for MIDI instruments. The VST audio processors are similar to the Orinj effects: they accept sampled audio inputs and modify it to produce sampled audio output. These are the delays, compressors, reverbs, equalizers, and so on.
  • Orinj does not support all messages between VST processors and their controllers (windows). This means that some more complex effects (e.g., some auto tuners) may not work.

The effects that come with the Orinj installation (see Orinj Effects) are not VST effects. They are developed with the Orinj Effect framework, which will continue to be supported.

See Orinj VST support for more information.

ASIO (Steinberg's Audio Stream Input / Output)

Orinj now supports ASIO input and output devices and their drivers. ASIO is Steinberg's construct to allow the input and output of sampled audio data with minimal latency on Windows. (ASIO is not relevant to Linux or Mac OS).

ASIO devices in Orinj work like all other devices. They will simply show up next to other available devices. Here, for example, is the standard Orinj output device dialog.

Output device dialog

In previous Orinj versions, a sometimes-significant latency between input and output on Windows was a known issue. This corrects that issue for those who can deploy ASIO.

See Orinj ASIO support for more information.

A simple equalizer and breaking up of loops

The two other larger changes in version 7 are to make some things easier to use.

  • The Orinj Simple Equalizer is a new effect. It is a simple parametric equalizer with three bands – lows, mids, and highs – that also allows some adjustments to the bands. The other two Orinj equalizers can be quite complex for someone, who may want quick adjustments to the standard three bands.

The Orinj Simple Equalizer dialog

authors: mic

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