Release of Orinj version 5.0.5

Submitted by mic on Wed, 07/22/2020 - 09:38


This is an important release that contains stability fixes, fixes to the management of files, and some usability improvements. Here are the changes between the previous version 5.0.4 and this version 5.0.5.

Stability fixes:

  • The most important changes in this release were to ensure that background work is performed safely (without potentially crashing Orinj). This includes: the mixing of loops and the session, the movement of the play cursor, converting MIDI files to wave files, operations on waves (reversing, splitting channels, pitch shifting, stretching, noise reduction, auto tuning, replacing samples, processing effects, applying envelopes, changing audio formats), the drawing of wave, loop, and MIDI files
  • Fixed the reversing of drum hits in a loop, as it was crashing Orinj. Also fixed the titles of the resulting waves
  • Fixed the inserting of loop files in the session that are already opened in the loop building view (/wiki/orinj-loop-building-view). In previous version, this would crash Orinj
  • Made additional error checks during the drawing of waves and loops to prevent potential crashes

File management fixes:

  • Made sure Orinj does not exit when the user is prompted to save the session or a loop during exit, but chooses cancel. Also fixed the names of loops and MIDI files that show up after cancelling
  • Also made sure Orinj does not exit, if it is unable to save files when exiting (e.g., when trying to save over read only files). Fixed up the errors messages that show up in these cases. Fixed up the tracking of recently used files in these cases. Also fixed up whether files are marked as not saved in these cases (loop and session)
  • Also made sure Orinj does not exit, if, when exiting, the user tries to save over existing files, but then chooses not to do so
  • Made sure that a session is marked as not saved when blocks in the session are looped
  • Made sure that session mixes, loop mixes, and MIDI files converted to wave files are marked as not saved
  • Fixed the titles of waves that are created by mixing and then some other operation (e.g., reversing)
  • Fixed the opening of read only waves in the single wave view. Previous versions could not open these files
  • Made sure loops changed in the loop building view and then saved under a different name are properly tracked as saved (and don't show up in the session as not saved)

Usability improvements:

  • Added commands to choose what to do with the remainder of the loop (drum samples that extend beyond the loop) – wrap, cut, or leave the remainder. This was available during the mixing of loops, but it could not be done when inserting loops into the session – the remainder was always wrapped. Now, when inserting loops in the session, the session will treat the remainder depending on the choice of the user
  • Added commands to move blocks back and forward in the view (so that they do not remain hidden behind other blocks)
  • Changed the dialog to loop blocks in the session to make it easier to use: with the ENTER, escape, and arrow keys
  • Simplified how the application titles are set when switching to the single wave view
  • Fixed the dialog that shows the name of the wave file used in a loop track to show the full path to the file (rather than just the file name)
  • Aligned the labels of the graph in the frequency content dialog
  • Changed how the last used folder is tracked when inserting files into the session

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