Release of Orinj version 6.0.6

Submitted by mic on Mon, 06/14/2021 - 13:26


Here are the changes between the previous version 6.0.5 and this version 6.0.6.

  • Added a new, faster notch filter
  • Fixed the Orinj Reverb, the output of which was missing the dry signal
  • Made a small correction to the initial value of the notch filter width
  • Fixed the opening of sessions with premixed tracks so that there are no conflicts between tracks during the premixing
  • Fixed how the premixing is handled when the session is closed
  • Fixed the premixing of tracks that are also selected for recording. Made sure that the session was marked as not saved after recording. Made sure the track is mixed again after the recording
  • Made a correction in the playback in the MIDI roll view (when keeping track of the number of MIDI events in a MIDI track)
  • Fixed an issue where multiple MIDI files could be opened and played in the MIDI roll view
  • Fixed the display of MIDI tracks in the MIDI roll view (bottom left), especially when switching between files and when opening MIDI files from the session
  • Fixed the renaming of MIDI tracks in a MIDI file
  • Fixed switching between types of controls in the MIDI control line after opening a session
  • Fixed the signal gain after autotuning, pitch shift, stretch, noise reduction
  • Fixed up controls of autotune dialog so that controls are aligned
  • In the session, made sure that the time at the bottom of Orinj is correct when moving the play cursor over volume and other envelopes
  • Fixed the colors of waves when muting, soloing, or choosing a track for recording, when there is a selection over the wave with the mouse cursor
  • Fixed the soloing of a muted track. It was inconsistent in the previous version, as the wave was shown as not muted, but was not played. With this version, any soloed track will be played, even if it is otherwise muted

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