Release of Orinj version 6.0.8

Submitted by mic on Tue, 07/13/2021 - 11:37


Here are the changes between the current version 6.0.8 and the previous version 6.0.7.

  • Changed the Compressor so that the user can choose the three frequency bands
  • Changed several Compressor presets to speed them up. Added a new preset for glaring vocals
  • Added a preset to the notch filter for harsh vocals
  • Made a couple of other fixes to the Compressor to avoid errors, especially when the compressor average changes or the compressor switches from a moving average one to a peak one
  • Changed the frequency content computations to work over long intervals, to show the frequency and its magnitude next to the mouse cursor, and to align labels and graph peaks more precisely
  • Fixed undo and premixing, so that only tracks that need to be premixed are premixed
  • Fixed premixing to stop faster when the session is closed
  • Made sure that deleting volume and pan envelope points does not start premixing, as it is not necessary
  • Fixed the premixing of tracks after undoing the insertion of a wave
  • Fixed premixing when changing loops in a track
  • Fixed premixing so that it starts only when there are tracks to be premixed
  • Fixed the bypass check in effects, so that opening an effect over a premixed track during playback does not start premixing
  • Made sure that mixing waits for premixing to complete (similarly to playback)
  • Fixed the deletion of envelope points, so that it works when the selection was made by dragging the mouse from right to left (before, it only worked if the selection was made from left to right)
  • Made some corrections to undo, so that it handles the different views separately
  • Made sure the correct name is showed in a mix, when the mix is changed (by cutting, reversing, or other)
  • Made sure to delete a mix, if the mix is not saved
  • Fixed how muted blocks are displayed in a soloed track
  • Fixed how selections over a wave are handled in the single wave view when the wave is closed and another is opened

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