Release of Orinj version 6.0.7

Submitted by mic on Sat, 06/26/2021 - 17:41


These are the changes between the previous version 6.0.6 and this version 6.0.7 of Orinj.

  • Fixed the right channel process in the Orinj Notch filter 2
  • Fixed the notch filter so that its graph is updated when controls change
  • Fixed the notch filter, parametric equalizer, graphic equalizer, and reverb to avoid errors when controls change during playback
  • Fixed the loop building view to enable scrolling up and down and, for large loops, left and right
  • Fixed playback in the MIDI roll view to ensure that it doesn't stop too early (before the last note in the MIDI file)
  • Made sure that notes in the MIDI roll view can be selected also with the mouse cursor for drawing
  • Made sure that the play cursor in the single wave view can be moved when clicking with the mouse cursor for selecting (to be consistent with the session view)
  • Changed the mouse cursor for moving so that it is consistent across views (and no longer using the same mouse cursor for drawing and moving in the MIDI roll view, which was confusing)
  • Added a progress bar to the warning that pops up when tracks are being pre-mixed. Fixed a number of premixing conflicts and reduced the number of work the computer does during premixing
  • Changed mixing during playback so that it uses less computational power in the session, single wave, and loop building view
  • Made a minor fix when stopping playback due to playback errors
  • Fixed the setting of meta content of waves (other than the display title, the user couldn't set the remaining meta content)
  • Fixed the undo message when replacing one wave file with another in the session (Block File command of the session menu)
  • Made some minor fixes to how the About dialog displays the Orinj version number
  • Removed support for Orinj version 2

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