Release of Orinj version 6.0.2

Submitted by mic on Thu, 04/08/2021 - 11:34


The following are the changes between this version 6.0.2 and the previous version 6.0.1.

  • Added options to pre-mix tracks. A session track can contain many sound blocks (wave, MIDI, and loop pieces) and effects. Orinj does a good amount of work during playback to mix these pieces, add effects, and apply mix parameters, such as volume and pan. Pre-mixing tracks is a way to reduce this work. If you select the pre-mix option for a track, the track will be mixed in the background into a single wave with all effects applied whenever the track changes. Then Orinj will do less work during playback and recording. It is a good idea to make tracks pre-mixed ones only if they are approximately done (those that will likely not require the moving of sound pieces or the adding or changing of effects). You can still add, remove, and change effects and add or remove sound pieces from a pre-mixed track, but not during playback (you can do all of these things during playback on tracks that are not pre-mixed; you can also change volume and pan on all tracks, even pre-mixed ones during playback)
  • Pre-mixing solves one known issue in Orinj, namely that effects that are processed over loop files in the session disappear when loop files are changed in the loop building view. Processing of effects in the session is no longer necessary and is removed in this version
  • Made sure that the right SoundFont (SF2) sample is chosen for SF2 hits in the loop building view when note velocities change (different SF2 samples can be used for different velocities). In general, fixed up the handling of velocity ranges for SF2 presets and instruments
  • Fixed up the popup menu on session tracks to disable operations that cannot be done during playback
  • Made minor changes to SF2 notes to speed up playback
  • Made sure that when blocks are inserted in a session track, they are first in the corresponding individual views and any new, default, unchanged MIDI files and loop files are closed, if the newly inserted piece is a MIDI or loop piece. This is consistent with what already happens when files are opened in the individual views
  • Made sure that, when closing MIDI files, the corresponding wave mixes of those files are removed (the wave mixes are created when a MIDI file is inserted into the session)
  • Fixed an error in the MIDI roll view, where selected notes will no longer be selected after saving the MIDI file
  • Fixed a bug in finding the position of SF2 samples in the SF2 file
  • Made sure that all dialogs do not show as separate apps in the operating system, but as part of Orinj
  • Aligned (centered) a few dialogs in the single wave view: the one for selecting waves, autotuning, frequency content, noise reduction, pitch shift, stretch, audio format, and wave meta content
  • Fixed up the layout of the noise reduction dialog (the combo box for frame size)

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