Release of Orinj version 6.0.1

Submitted by mic on Wed, 02/17/2021 - 10:21


The following are the changes between this version 6.0.1 and the previous version 6.0.0 of Orinj.

  • Added frequency content analysis to the session menu and popup menu for all blocks. Made minor fixes to the start and end times of the frequency content dialog
  • Added effect stacks to aux channels and the main channel
  • Added a Hit Note command to the popup menu in loop building view
  • Changes the buffer size dialog under the Orinj preferences to show values in samples and time length instead of bytes
  • Removed effect stack menus from the loop building view, since the view does not have effects
  • Fixed the aux channel, master channel, and effect dialogs so that the user cannot open the same dialog twice
  • Fixed the master channel controls to work on all signals (i.e., including those coming from aux channels)
  • Fixed the bass chorus, as its high pass filter was not working after importing the bass chorus from an effect stack
  • Made minor changes to speed up the chorus and bass chorus. Added a new preset to the bass chorus for a larger choir. Made sure that bass chorus and chorus gain applies to both dry and wet signal. Revised the rate controls in the chorus and bass chorus to go up to 20 ms / s (instead of 50 ms / s, which creates a too audible vibrato)
  • Made sure that, in the session, the play cursor snaps between blocks when clicking
  • Fixed importing of waves into a session with a different sampling rate, so that the wave is properly marked as changed, any other processing in the single wave view works, and the proper file names are added to the recent waves menu
  • Fixed the replacing of files used by blocks in the session (Wave File command in the multitrack menu) to properly redraw the block, change its title, and update the block size, if needed. Fixed the errors displayed when a file with the wrong format is used
  • Disabled changing of sampling rate in the single wave view when the wave is in the session
  • Disabled the movement of the play cursor when clicking while playing to prevent potential errors and since it does not make sense during recording (single wave view and MIDI roll view)
  • Disabled certain popup menus when playing
  • Fixed the computation used to fade the ends of blocks in and out to prevent errors
  • Fixed the length of loop blocks in the session, when the loops are edited in the loop building view
  • Made changes to the synthesizer base preferences to allow no synthesizer base (if the user does not need MIDI files in the session). Made sure the correct corresponding errors are shown when inserting MIDI files in a session without a synthesizer base
  • Fixed wave drawing when scrolling in the single wave view
  • Changed when MIDI files in the session are remixed (i.e., to not be remixed when there are no changes)
  • Simplified the drawing of the time line in the multitrack view, single wave view, and MIDI roll view
  • Making sure the Orinj application icon shows up as the icon in the top left of dialogs
  • Fixed the Aural Exciter (/wiki/orinj-aural-exciter) dialog and new session dialog to make drop-down boxes larger
  • Fixed the error messages for wrong input to the latency (/wiki/latency) of input devices under device properties, so that messages show up only once

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