Orinj Phase oscilloscope

Orinj version 4.0.0

The Orinj Phase oscilloscope is a monitoring tool that shows differences in the amplitude, frequency, and phase content of the left and right channels of the signal. It uses the Orinj effect framework and works similarly to all other DSP effects, but it only displays information about the sound signal and does not modify the signal.

A phase oscilloscope is a plot of the values of the right signal against the values of the left signal. In a signal, where the left and right channel carry the same information, the phase oscilloscope will display a line that is centered between the left and right axes. When the left channel or right channel amplitude becomes larger than the amplitude of the other channel, this line will move towards the left or right axis respectively. When the frequency and phase content of one channel differs from the frequency and phase content of the other channel, the phase oscilloscope plot will become more complex.

Using the Orinj Phase oscilloscope

The Orinj Phase oscilloscope can be added to tracks in the multitrack session view, tracks in the loop building view, and to waves in the single wave view. In the multitrack session view and in the loop building view, first select the track to which you want to add the effect. In all views, click on Effect, Other, and then on Orinj Phase oscilloscope in the Orinj menu. You will see the following dialog.

The Orinj phase oscilloscope dialog

When this dialog becomes visible, the Orinj Phase oscilloscope effect has been added.

Note that the Orinj phase oscilloscope operates during playback, but not according to the precise playback timing. In the Orinj effect framework, effects process and prepare the sound data before these data are sent to the output sound device. The phase oscilloscope similarly computes information on what should be drawn before the corresponding sound data is sent to playback. It then attempts to show this information at the time of the corresponding playback. The Orinj effect framework, however, does not permit the Orinj effects to be aware of the playback time. The Orinj phase oscilloscope may display sound data earlier than its playback and may occasionally wait for data.

Orinj Phase oscilloscope parameters

The Orinj Phase oscilloscope has no parameters. It simply displays a plot of the sound data during playback.

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