Release of Orinj version 4.0.3 beta

Submitted by mic on Tue, 10/16/2018 - 09:21


Here are the changes between Orinj version 4.0.2 and version 4.0.3.

  • Fixed a crash Orinj when removing a drum hit from a track in the loop building view, when the track does not yet have a wave sample
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the time line and marker line in the loop building to move to the beginning when scrolling vertically in the view
  • Fixed the recent file menus in the MIDI roll view, because they were not working
  • Fixed the recent menus in the single wave view so that temporary files created when stretching, pitch shifting, and reversing do not get added to these menus
  • Fixed the recent file menus in the loop building view similarly so that temporary files are not added when saving

  • Fixed a crash in the single wave view when undoing stretching, reversing, and pitch shifting
  • Fixed the undo after applying envelopes and effects in the single wave view, as undo was not doing anything
  • Allowed smaller frames when stretching waves so that stretching works better on drums. Smaller frames are not very precise for high frequency drums (crashes), but larger frames tend to smear sharper drums (snares)
  • Improved the precision when stretching, which is important in all cases, but especially for the new smaller frames
  • Fixed a bug in the single wave view when applying envelopes and effects on 24-bit and 32-bit waves, as it would attempt to read the resulting 24-bit and 32-bit waves as 16-bit waves on systems that do not allow anything above 16 bits. The resulting wave before the fix would be garbage
  • In general, for the preferences to play 24-bit and 32-bit data as 16-bit data on sound cards that do not allow higher sampling resolutions, made sure that these preferences are used only during playing, but not during mixing
  • Made minor fixes to the types of envelopes in the single wave view (volume, pan, dry mix, wet mix)
  • In the loop building view, made sure the current track is properly selected when adding and removing hits
  • In the MIDI roll view, fixed the "Do you want to save…?" message on exit, because the name of the file was appearing twice
  • Fixed the saving of MIDI files so that the right files are added to the recent file menus, the right application titles are set, and Orinj does not ask to save the file again on exit (similarly to the fixes for loops in the previous version)
  • Made sure that the wave meta properties dialog (for author name, engineer, etc.) properly marks the wave file as changed
  • Made sure that saving loops properly marks loops as saved, so that Orinj does not ask to save them again on exit or on closing
  • When closing a loop and the user clicks on No when asked to save the loop, making sure Orinj properly disposes of the loop and deletes temporary files
  • Fixed the titles at the very top of Orinj when switching between views, because the file names would get lost occasionally

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