Release of Orinj version 5.0.2

Submitted by mic on Thu, 04/30/2020 - 10:07


The following are the changes between the previous version 5.0.1 (/node/2089) of Orinj and the current version 5.0.2.

  • Fixed all effects. In the previous version, they might not be heard, unless added to a selection over the track
  • Fixed an issue with the vibrato and tremolo, as the vibrato might be lost when changing from a pure tremolo to a pure vibrato
  • Changed the cutting of blocks in the multitrack session, so that it is precise, when selecting and snapping. In the previous version, there could be a difference of up to several hundredths of a second between where the cut should have occurred and where the cut did occur
  • Fixed the cutting of blocks in the middle to make sure that the right one of the resulting two blocks is drawn and the left one is selected. Also fixed how blocks are selected when clicking with the select mouse cursor after cutting
  • Made a minor changes to the moving of blocks up and down tracks, so that they remain selected
  • Fixed newly added MIDI notes so that they have the correct status byte for note on vs. note off and the correct MIDI channel
  • Fixed the mouse cursor after moving MIDI notes. The cursor was changing to a different one
  • Fixed the deletion of multiple notes – one after the other – in the MIDI roll view. The previous version could crash on the second deletion
  • Fixed the release of MIDI notes when converting MIDI to wave, so that there is no residual sound (in special cases with very short samples)
  • Fixed undo for the titles of tracks in the session
  • Fixed the clicking with some mouse cursors over an envelope, so that playback starts from where the play cursor is
  • Added extra error checks when drawing waves
  • Making sure that double-clicking works and opens blocks in their respective views, no matter which mouse cursor is used

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