Release of Orinj version 5.0.8

Submitted by mic on Tue, 09/08/2020 - 12:43


This version 5.0.8 includes some important fixes to the previous version 5.0.7. These changes are mostly related to working with Downloadable Sounds (DLS) and SoundFont (SF2) formats and to file management.

DLS and SF2 playback was adjusted to mainly to correctly incorporate corresponding specifications:

  • Low frequency oscillation (LFO), such as for tremolo or vibrato, including changes related to modulation envelopes, LFO depth, low pas filter frequencies, and similar. In the gm.dls file, for example, this LFO is barely audible on the piano (more audible on other instruments), but makes the piano sound more natural
  • Changes to pitch with gain envelopes (e.g., the initial attack on the violin)
  • Default panning (not typical, but used in some sounds)
  • Changes to volume attack and decay depending on note on velocity and adjustments to values depending on sustain, per specifications
  • A correction in DLS note decay time
  • A couple of fixes to the interpretation of gain release for very long releases (e.g., steel drum in some files), including to avoid pops during release
  • A low pass filter with changes to cutoff frequency over time
  • Some major fixes to how SF2 samples are found
  • Corrections to how SF2 playback loops sound depending on the sample type

Changes to the management of files include:

  • Fixes to the closing of waves in the single wave view, especially when the wave is not saved and the user choose to save the wave under a different name: proper file name in the save as dialog, removal of temporary files, actual closing of the wave
  • Fixes to the saving of files during exit – waves, loops, and MIDI files in their corresponding views – to properly replace the same files in the session, if any, and to correct flags for whether these files are saved
  • Made sure that importing a wave works well when the same wave is already in the session and is changed

Other fixes include:

  • Fixed the converting of MIDI files to mono waves to avoid a potential crash
  • Made some changes to SF2 processing when converting MIDI to wave to speed up this processing
  • Made some minor corrections in the Orinj compressor so that in and out gain titles are properly translated
  • Made a minor change in the wah wah and the low pass filter in SF2 to avoid potential errors
  • Corrected undo for effect processing in the single wave view, so that the effect is brought back
  • Improved some gain computations, which should have no visible effect, other than potentially in the Orinj noise gate
  • Made some changes to the processing of effects in the single wave view, so that the resulting wave is drawn

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