Release of Orinj version 5.0.7

Submitted by mic on Wed, 08/26/2020 - 10:21


The following are the changes between the previous version 5.0.6 and this version 5.0.7.

  • Added an aural exciter. An aural exciter is an effect that adds distortion to high signal frequencies and therefore adds harmonics to those frequencies, making the sound more interesting
  • Added a preset for the compressor to modify kick drum transients, with an expansion in the high frequency band and slow attack compression in the low frequency band – just an example of changing transients with compression
  • Allowed the safe adding, removing, and changing the order of effects during playback and corresponding undo
  • Made some minor corrections in undo for clearing a track in the multitrack session. Also fixed up the clearing of tracks that are soloed, so that unsoloing these tracks is reflected in whether other tracks are muted
  • Added an undo for clearing a track in the loop building view. Changed the menu for clearing a track to be consistent with the same menu in the multitrack session
  • Added fading in complex (infinite impulse response) effects to minimize clicks and pops when effect parameters change during playback: band pass filter, band stop filter, high pass filter, low pass filter, shelving filter, and wah wah. Some pops are still possible, but should be rare and more quiet
  • Made some changes to some of the same filters to speed them up: low pass filter, high pass filter, band pass filter, band stop filter
  • Fixed a bug that would cause a crash when changing the order of the same filters during playback
  • Fixed volume, pan and other envelopes to disallow the dragging of envelope points outside of the track start and end, to show the correct limits (for the volume envelope, when at the upper or lower end), and to allow the easier pick up of points that are at the same time (e.g., when there is a sudden drop of the envelope)
  • Changed the saving of effect presets, so that the save dialog starts with preset files only and not with all files
  • Fixed an error in exporting effect stacks that could cause saved effect stacks to be overwritten by session data

Last but not least, version 4.2.9 is no longer available for download.

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