Release of Orinj version 4.0.9

Submitted by mic on Sun, 12/16/2018 - 15:45


Version 4.0.9 is stable and replaces version 3.0.3 on this site. The following are the changes between version 4.0.9 and version 4.0.8.

  • Added a high pass filter and a low pass filter to the Orinj effects
  • Added labels in the single wave view to show the peak amplitude of waves in decibels. These labels are to the left of the wave, next to the wave. Knowing the peak amplitude of the wave can be useful, for example, when choosing compressor thresholds
  • Fixed a bug in the single wave view when applying envelopes and effects. The bug caused Orinj to crash. Also fixed the logic of how files are managed when applying envelopes and effects
  • Fixed a bug in the multitrack session view, because of which certain operations would not work on the last few tracks (for example, the right-click popup menus)
  • Fixed a bug when repeating audio blocks with the Block Loop command in the multitrack session. The bug would add all blocks in the same place in time for playback and mixing, even though visually they were not in the same place
  • Fixed a bug where the single wave view was attempting to delete temporary files used by the session, during saving of waves and various operations on the wave. This was a problem only if the wave file was used in the session
  • Fixed a bug where saving a wave, loop, or MIDI file in their corresponding views under a new name would not be reflected in the session (i.e., the file will remain in the session as not saved, with its previous name). This was a problem only if file was in the session. In the loop building view, fixing a similar bug even when saving was not under a new name
  • Fixed a bug when processing effects in the session and then starting a new session that would ask to save the changed wave files twice
  • Made sure effect dialogs are closed when applying envelopes and effects, so that the user does not end up with a dialog for an effect that no longer exist
  • Made sure the demo license does not interfere with applying envelopes and effects and made the time restrictions for the demo version consistent (i.e., the same amount of time allowed for various operations)
  • Made sure temporary files were deleted when the user made changes to loop files in the loop building view and the loop files were part of the session
  • Made sure changes to waves in the multitrack session (e.g., effect process) are reflected in the single wave view
  • In the single wave view, moved the Cut command from the Session menu to the Wave menu to be consistent with a similar change in the multitrack session done in version 4.0.5
  • Simplifed the equalizer graph in the Orinj reverb to always show actual magnitude response, to be consistent with changes made in version 4.0.8 to other equalizers

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