Release of Orinj version 5.0.6

Submitted by mic on Thu, 08/13/2020 - 15:06


The following are the changes between the previous version 5.0.5 (/node/2244) and this version 5.0.6.

  • More stability fixes (after the last version) to make sure drawing and playback and other background work does not conflict with anything else Orinj is doing: drawing of the MIDI control line, the playback of samples in the loop tree, playback in the Scales tool, error messages, the enabling and disabling of buttons at the start and stop of playback, painting in the frequency content dialog, and operations such as auto tuning, noise reduction, pitch shifting, and stretching
  • Fixed the playback of loop samples in the loop sample tree. There were clicks in that playback
  • Fixed a case where adding effects and then extending the track with new blocks (recording, looping) would not extend the dry and wet mix envelopes of the effects appropriately
  • Made a small fix to the title of loop files so that it shows as saved or not saved as appropriate (another fix after some fixes done in the previous version)
  • Changed heavy redrawing of blocks in the session (e.g., on zooming, opening a session, and scrolling) so that drawing is minimal and all blocks show up appropriately
  • Put additional error checks in the drawing of waves
  • Made sure the length of loops in the session is adjusted when loops change
  • Made a minor fix to the color of recorded waves (which would create problems with colors when muting or soloing recording waves)
  • Fixed the colors of the mute and solo buttons in the track control panels in the loop building view. Also aligned these buttons
  • Made a minor fix to the title of a session in the demo version (there was a missing space)
  • Added a check to the message in the demo version that playback is limited to the first 30 seconds so that the user can choose to not show this message again
  • Made minor fixes to the memory management of various dialogs and the work of effect dialogs
  • Made sure that tracks can be selected with the mouse cursor for moving, when clicking over an envelope
  • Made minor changes to speed up effects
  • Improved the handling of undo in several effects: band pass filter, band stop filter, bass chorus, convolution, graphic equalizer, high pass filter, low pass filter, notch filter, shelving filter

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