Release of Orinj version 4.1.6

Submitted by mic on Tue, 06/04/2019 - 22:39


The following are the changes between version 4.1.5 and this version 4.1.6 of Orinj.

  • Added MIDI in the mixed song. Prior versions would put only wave and loop files in the session mix, even though MIDI files were in the playback. When mixing in this version, MIDI files that are in the session will now be converted to sampled wave files and added to the mix.
  • Added two new skins – "flat white" and "candy" (see Preferences). Both are flat and have reduced contrast (especially flat white) to be easier on the eyes. The main purpose of this is to get better control of the look and feel of Orinj so that we can make it look better and more modern
  • Added presets to the band stop filter for the most common equalization tasks, such as fixing tracks that are boomy, boxy, or nasal
  • Adding the ability to show the amplitude envelope of waves rather than the wave peaks in the single wave view. This is somewhat useful, but in general, the amplitude envelopes will resemble the wave peaks
  • Made changes to reduce the amount of drawing of waves, primarily by not drawing waves outside of the visible space and making sure drawing is not repeated unnecessarily
  • Fixed a bug that mixed left and right channel data when replacing samples and could cause a crash. Also fixed a bug that reduced the amplitude of data in the right channel
  • Fixed a bug because of which the time of the play cursor (the vertical yellow line) and the time displayed at the bottom did not always correspond immediately after opening a session
  • Fixed slightly the layouts of compressor, dither, delay, echo, shelving filter, and spectrum monitor windows
  • Fixed a bug to make sure the time line and time signature line are properly scrolled when opening a session
  • Fixed a bug, because of which the menu was not in the right place in MacOS
  • Making sure the dB measurements displayed in the single wave are updated as waves are opened, closed, switched, and so on
  • Reduced the code used to manage progress bars
  • Made some changes to how effects are processed over loops in the session. This said, the processing of effects does not work with the logic of Orinj, as loops get updated whenever the user switches between the loop building view and the multitrack session and so processed effects are lost. More work is needed. For now, we will note this in the known issues

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