Music theory (index)

Wiki topics on music theory.

6/9 chord
Aeolian scale
Altered scale
Altered scale on guitar
Altered scale on mandolin
Augmented chord
Augmented fifth
Augmented fourth
Augmented second
Augmented sixth
Augmented third
Bayati scale
Bebop scale
Byzantine scale
Byzantine scale on guitar
Chromatic scale
Chromatic semitone
Diminished chord
Diminished fifth
Diminished fourth
Diminished seventh
Diminished seventh chord
Diminished sixth
Diminished third
Dominant seventh chord
Dorian scale
Dorian scale on guitar
Doriolian scale
Enigmatic scale
Enigmatic scale on guitar
Equal tempered scale
Frequency of notes
Half-diminished seventh chord
Harmonic minor scale
Harmonic minor scale on guitar
Harmonic minor scale on mandolin
Helmholtz tempered scale
Heptatonic scale
Hungarian scale
Hungarian scale on guitar
Intervals on the chromatic scale
Intervals on the chromatic scale (index)
Ionian scale
Just tempered scale
Leading tone
Locrian scale
Locrian scale on guitar
Lydian-Mixolydian scale
Lydian-Mixolydian scale on guitar
Lydian scale
Lydian scale on guitar
Major chord
Major-minor scale
Major-minor scale on guitar
Major-minor scale on mandolin
Major scale
Major scale on guitar
Major scale on mandolin
Major second
Major seventh
Major seventh chord
Major sixth
Major third
Melodic ascending minor scale
Melodic descending minor scale
Middle C
Minor chord
Minor gypsy scale
Minor gypsy scale on guitar
Minor-major seventh chord
Minor second
Minor seventh
Minor seventh chord
Minor sixth
Minor third
Mixionian scale
Mixolydian scale
Natural minor scale
Natural minor scale on guitar
Natural minor scale on mandolin
Pentatonic scale
Perfect fifth
Perfect fourth
Phrygian scale
Phrygiolocrian scale
Pythagorean tempered scale
Rast scale
Sabba scale
Scale (index)
Siga scale
Sixth chord
Spanish gypsy scale
Suspended chord
Wolf interval

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