Standards in music (index)

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All fourths tuning for guitar
Alternative guitar tuning
Associated data list chunk (of a Wave file)
Collection header chunk (of a DLS file)
Cue chunk (of a Wave file)
Data chunk (of a Wave file)
DLS ID chunk (of a DLS file)
Double drop D tuning for guitar
Downloadable Sounds (DLS) format
Drop D tuning for guitar
Fact chunk (of a Wave file)
Format chunk (of a Wave file)
Format type (of a MIDI file)
General MIDI 1
General MIDI 2
General MIDI System Enable / Disable message
Header chunk (of a MIDI file)
Instrument chunk (of a Wave file)
Instrument list chunk (of a DLS file)
List chunk (of a RIFF file)
MIDI Active Sense message
MIDI Channel Prefix meta message
MIDI Channel Pressure message
MIDI Clock message
MIDI Continue message
MIDI Controller Destination message
MIDI Controller message
MIDI Copyright Notice meta message
MIDI Cue Point meta message
MIDI End of Track meta message
MIDI event
MIDI Full Frame message
MIDI Global Parameter Control message
MIDI Instrument Name meta message
MIDI Key-Based Instrument Controller message
MIDI Key Pressure / Aftertouch message
MIDI Key Signature meta message
MIDI Lyrics meta message
MIDI Marker meta message
MIDI Master Volume message
MIDI meta messages
MIDI Note Off message
MIDI Note On message
MIDI Pitch Wheel message
MIDI Program Change message
MIDI Quarter Frame message
MIDI Registered Parameter Number (RPN)
MIDI Reset message
MIDI Sequence Number meta message
MIDI Sequencer Specific meta message
MIDI Set Tempo meta message
MIDI SMPTE Offset meta message
MIDI Song Position Pointer message
MIDI Song Request message
MIDI Start message
MIDI Stop message
MIDI system common messages
MIDI System Exclusive message
MIDI system realtime messages
MIDI Text meta message
MIDI tick
MIDI Time Signature meta message
MIDI Track Name meta message
MIDI Tune Request message
MIDI voice messages
Modal D tuning for guitar
Modal G tuning for guitar
Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI)
Open A tuning for guitar
Open D tuning for guitar
Open G tuning for guitar
Playlist chunk (of a Wave file)
Pool table chunk (of a DLS file)
Sample chunk (of a Wave file)
Silent chunk (of a Wave file)
Status byte (of a MIDI message)
Time division (of a MIDI file)
Track chunk (of a MIDI file)
Wave file format
Wave list chunk (of a Wave file)

Articles on standards in music.

2018 01 06 – MIDI to wave synthesizers
2016 06 22 - Using MIDI

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